We, the people, 2016

Work created as a Visiting Artist Fellow at the ANU Research School of Social Science

In 2016 I had the honour of being a Visiting Artist Fellow at the Australian National University (ANU) Research School of Social Science, as part of the ANU Vice-Chancellor’s College Visiting Artist Fellows Scheme. I collaborated with Dr Robert Ackland who is developing new methods for studying networks on the World Wide Web, including the visualisation of data and analysis of social networks. Dr Ackland provided me with a steady stream of data detailing the levels of abuse directed at Australian politicians on Twitter, allowing me to explore my interest in society’s capacity for ‘digital rage’.

Access to this data has given me the opportunity to discuss the use of abusive language on social media as a new and accepted form of public discourse – a digital version of toilet door graffiti, with users eagerly slandering and defaming public figures. The resulting work I have created is part data visualisation and part social commentary – inspired and informed by data, and expressed through the physicality and emotive language of sculpture.

Read the essay for more info about this work.

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