Truth or dare, 2016

Folded World Book encylopedias

Made from a series of World Book Encyclopedias, this work compares the ease of ‘Googling’ information to the effort of wading through books.

In 1755, Diderot foresaw a time when there would be so many books, containing so much information, that it would be impossible to find what we seek.

Truth or dare is a more contemporary discussion of information overload – we could find the information in books, but why would we make the effort when we can ‘just Google it’.

It also speaks of the redundancy of books – encyclopedias from 1990 are no longer relevant. They do not, for example, have an entry for ‘internet’.

While books such as these may be useful from a historical standpoint, many of us would prefer to rely on the immediacy of the internet search to find up-to-the-minute information.

These books now have a second life, in which they perpetually refer you to their successor.

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