Same shit, different day, 2009

Star book

The book’s cover is binary code with the letters ‘SSDD’. The code represents the fact that everything going on around you may as well be in code, for all the notice you take of it. The book is in ‘star book’ format as there is seemingly no beginning or end to the week – it just keeps going around.

When the book is fully opened, the outer layer displays the drudgery of everyday life with a page for each day of the week.

It contains diary notes and other work information for the weekdays, while on the weekends the diary spaces are empty.

The work information has been replaced with images from breakfast packaging.

The pockets around the book contain the same items each day – a parking voucher, chocolate wrapper, used teabag, losing scratchie and empty pill packaging.

Inside the book, behind the outer layer, are exciting, colourful pieces of paper and photos of various people and places.

They are hard to see because you can get so caught up in the sameness of each day that you forget the things that mean something to you and make you happy.

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